Local Restaurants Using Social Media To Increase Business

Dining Out’s Bruce Newbury wrote a great article in the August 25th Edition of the PBN Magazine about technology and impact on the eateries in Rhode Island. He indicated that with social media more and more restaurants are busier because of the immediate impact a friend or a review can have on a business.

I would like to go one step further and say to those businesses that are not teaming with an overwhelming customer base that an Email or Text Marketing System may be just what you need to help increase business when you are slow throughout the day.

Consider your restaurant is slow between 4 and 7 because it is the time people are getting out of work or they are already sitting in traffic. Maybe someone is home with the kids going over homework waiting for you to come home so that supper can be served.Mobile Devices

What if you had the ability to send a text or email directly to your customer’s cell phone telling them they could save 20% on their meal if they dine between 4 and 7pm today or they can get a free desert with their takeout order of $15 or more.

Consider your customer shares that information with 5 of their friends who share it with five of their friends. How quickly do you think your restaurant will fill up or how much business you would have picked up on take out or call ahead orders.

Every business should consider building their own marketing list because it will cut down on the amount of money you spend on your off line marketing and every business should consider our innovative Text & Email Marketing System because it will help you stay engaged with your customers.

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