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I like this article for several reasons – Read the article here

First – Wal-Mart just embarked on a Nation Marketing & Social Media Campaign and they don’t even have to push the marketing because they are getting a ton of free press just mentioning the contest and the prizes that the contestants can win.

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Second – a picture is worth a thousand words. Are they selling HumanKinds Water for $1.00? That my friend is called a lost leader and Wal-Mart is promoting their in-store contest again this year to help aspiring entrepreneur to be successful with prizes, cash and product placement. Take a page from that notebook.

Third – Wal-Mart (they are very smart about their marketing) is as they said finding new ways to engage with their customers and they are doing this on a social media level, entrepreneur level and on a consumer level. They have everyone engaged in just one of many in-store promotions.

Now when I try to get my potential customers to come up with an attractive offer allowing them to both collect names and emails for future marketing campaigns and stay engaged with their customers most say no and I can’t get mad, but I can be disappointed.

I’m not mad because business owners don’t know what they don’t know and most are willing to learn, but don’t have the time. Disappointed because they do know that what they are doing now to advertise and market their business just doesn’t work anymore.

People are on line – they are not reading a news paper, they are not listening to the radio (they have Pandora) and they are not home watching TV. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Foursquare and the list goes on.

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