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Last month I wrote about the Mobile Revolution and the role the mobile phone is playing in our society. Mobile Apps are making our phones even smarter allowing us to do our banking, trade stock, record video and instantly upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

Local search along with mobile marketing and social media have consumed our lives and most of our time thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Four Square and Google+.

Fun Facts:

59% access the internet via a mobile device or tablet Mobile Devices

76% take pictures with their phones

34% record video with their phones

And now your customers are uploading these pictures and videos to their social media accounts like Facebook. They’re also sharing this information with other friends on Twitter. This is the  direction your clients are going – this is the direction you should be headed in as well.

After local search the second most popular search engine is YouTube – Google loves video and 86% of online users viewed online video. Do you see the trend?

If cell phones and tablets are used to access the internet 59% of the time then I want my business on the internet. I want those eye balls focused on my products, my services and my business.

DCS Providence can show you how to get listed on over 40 Local Business Directories and we can show you how to stay engaged with your clients to help increase ranking. Local internet marketing and social engagement are very important for your ranking, but when you include local mobile marketing to your email campaign you can dominate your local market. To read more about local directories click here.

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