What’s Wrong With Deal Sites

Are Deal Sites hurting local business or are Local Businesses doing it all wrong? If you know what your cost to attract a new customer is then you can run a very effective in-house promotion without giving half away to the deal site.

Two stories here have my attention. The 1st is that the Living Social Deal Site is having a difficult time financially and in reading the article Groupon shares are trading much lower than expected. You hear the horror stories about how some companies have actually been hurt financially by these deal sites.

I think they can be served much better on a local level and proof of that is here in this article (somewhat). Living Social doesn’t look like it has solid legs to stand on which could mean it’s only a matter of time allowing Local Internet Marketers an opportunity to pick up the slack. If we can get the cost to attract a new customer from the business owner, then we can perfect the system with a very attractive and profitable deal to the business owner. Read the original article in Yahoo Finance here.

Local Business should use Email and Text Marketing to attract new customers.

If I give you the tools will you know how to implement them? Here is an article that was sent to me by HubSpot. I posted it yesterday in a Simi-Private Forum, but I wanted you to have it as well.  101 Examples of Effective Call to Action

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