Celebrating Three Years

To help celebrate our Third Year in Business I am offering a Free Business Listing to all qualified applicants. Click Heredot com secrets providence

I am also releasing a Series of Articles on Local Internet Marketing and at your leisure you can Read Them Here.
Consider it a How To Guide on Local Internet Marketing without spending a bunch of money..

Dot Com Secrets Providence – We are your Local Internet Marketing and Social Media Consultants. Our concentration is helping the local business owner leverage the internet to help increase sales. By using Local Online Directories along with the integration of Mobile and Social Media Marketing; we are able to help Local Businesses grow with increased exposure.

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Local Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

What is the difference between the two? Several years ago I would say “Nothing Really”, but that is not true today. The two have very different approaches, but use the same concept and strategies and local searches are now Geo-targeted for specific keyword phrases which search your general vicinity based on GPS coordinates.

Local Internet Marketing is drilling down to the local business. Building a solid foundation if you will and building up from there. Most businesses started the other way around – with a website or Facebook Page, but without web presence first and neglecting the customer base right here in our own back yards.

You already know about the GPS built in to every cell phone, tablet and notebook. Well on your desktop your IP address helps give your location and that is why whenever you do a search on your computer, cell phone, tablet or notebook it will give you businesses in your local area or general vicinity.   local marketing

There are 2.6 Billion local searches each month and 30% of those searches contain City, State and Zip Code which gives your location. We call it a citation source which is simply a mention of your business’s information, such as your name, address, and phone number (NAP).

You have New Customers searching the web right now for your products and services, but they can’t find you because you are invisible to the local search your customer is doing. Get Your Business Listing  <<<Click Here Now>>>

Having varied citation sources across the web demonstrates your business as a leading authority in your industry, and search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo consider this when determining local search results.

If they are your customers now then they would search for your business name or have you saved in their favorites, but your potential new customer is not searching your name because they don’t know you exist; they are searching by topic, product, city or state.

Our team will submit your business information to high quality citation sources relevant to your industry to help improve your local presence for a chosen keyword phrase.

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*You can be on the first page of Google in 60 days based on a selected set of keywords and a Local Directory Package. All based on your individual needs.

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Social Engagement through Social Media with DCS Providence

DCS Providence is a full service Internet Marketing Company offering Mobile, Video, Email and Text Marketing to help Local Businesses stay competitive with these big box stores.

I like this article for several reasons – Read the article here

First – Wal-Mart just embarked on a Nation Marketing & Social Media Campaign and they don’t even have to push the marketing because they are getting a ton of free press just mentioning the contest and the prizes that the contestants can win.

Local Marketing

Second – a picture is worth a thousand words. Are they selling HumanKinds Water for $1.00? That my friend is called a lost leader and Wal-Mart is promoting their in-store contest again this year to help aspiring entrepreneur to be successful with prizes, cash and product placement. Take a page from that notebook.

Third – Wal-Mart (they are very smart about their marketing) is as they said finding new ways to engage with their customers and they are doing this on a social media level, entrepreneur level and on a consumer level. They have everyone engaged in just one of many in-store promotions.

Now when I try to get my potential customers to come up with an attractive offer allowing them to both collect names and emails for future marketing campaigns and stay engaged with their customers most say no and I can’t get mad, but I can be disappointed.

I’m not mad because business owners don’t know what they don’t know and most are willing to learn, but don’t have the time. Disappointed because they do know that what they are doing now to advertise and market their business just doesn’t work anymore.

People are on line – they are not reading a news paper, they are not listening to the radio (they have Pandora) and they are not home watching TV. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Foursquare and the list goes on.

Read more about today’s marketing strategies and techniques and how you can implement them into your marketing campaign.

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Video, Mobile and Google Places

Dot Com Secrets Providence is giving Local Businesses a marketing edge. With the purchase of a Google Places Package we are offering a Free 60 Second HD Video that you can post on your Blog, Website or Facebook Page. Are you using video to drive traffic to your Website or your Landing page or are you using video to increase your rankings?

The Power of Video Marketing is evident by the raw number and statistics. Google Analytics also has a tool that will allow you to track and analyze specific data related to your message. We are doing something very different at DCS Providence because we are offering video commercials.

  • We can generate coupons that can be added to each video
  • Add Banner Ads and Publish Video’s to your clients website
  • Help build your social media presence with video and text marketing
  • We will generate  QR Codes to be used on your off line marketing material

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