Google, Bing, Yahoo Local

As I mentioned before having varied citation sources across the web demonstrates your business as a leading authority in your industry, and search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo consider this when determining local search results.

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I see local businesses marketing all wrong sometimes – getting all caught up in reaching a wider audience or market and overlook a growth market right under their noses — their own local prospects. There are hundreds of people in your geographic area who are seeking a product or service you provide.

Now that we have you listed on the three major search engines you should also consider getting your business listed in the local search directories giving you even more exposure.

A Little History of Business Listings

If you remember the old Yellow Pages Phone Book – it had your basic listing already printed in it. Well the online listing is the same principle.

It’s just that now these listings are in digital format rather than print. The publishers of printed listings provided a bare bones listing free of charge to all businesses in a certain geographic area, but they also sold enhanced listings as advertisements to those businesses that wanted increased visibility.

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Your listing is already there you just have to go in and claim the listing and I can show you how to utilize one service and get everything you need to dominate your local market with your services.

Watch This Video – On The Current State Of Local Marketing.

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