Case Study

Account – Local Hand Car Wash

Job Description: Business Consultant

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Customer Retention Marketing (CRM)
  • Business System Creations and Implementations

Business Contract – My contract was to go three months and then be renegotiated. The owner had some legal issues he needed to work out and indicated they would be resolved by then. I agreed to those terms and we moved forward with the first two phases of the marketing campaign.

Business Consultation – Three months into the job I was asked to manage the Warwick location. That was the least performing of the three corporately owned stores, but its location to the Airport and surrounding residential and industrial community was strategic.

As a matter of fact (because I did the survey) the Warwick location did service the East Greenwich, Narragansett, North Kingstown and Wickford areas.


Now my challenge was to manage a location while completing my Business Assessment

Help determine the businesses weaknesses and strengthsI would say that from the position I had within the company it was very easy for me to see both the strengths and the weakness of the business because the employees saw me as one of them and the owner saw me as his inside guy.

It really was a little like Undercover Boss because only the owner knew my true purpose for being there and I just became one of the employees; and for better or worse I was there to get and report the truth.

To help develop and implement systems to better run the business – I did develop a system, but unfortunately I was unable to get the system Implemented in all three locations. The business had two choices to get this implemented – first was to do it all manually at each location or second they could purchase a software system that does the entire back end work including accounting and payroll.

The goal was to systematize the entire process allowing the business owner more time to expand his business based on the systems created and implemented allowing a greater concentration on Franchising Opportunities.

Current Inventorywe had to account for and monitor moving forward allowing a better control of daily operating cost and allowed bulk discount purchases when necessary for their busier winter seasons

Three Corporate Stores – I was hired by the owner for all corporate accounts

One Franchise – I had nothing to do with this business directly

Implemented a Payroll System with ADP –Done

Implement a financial accounting of the daily activitiesI did this for the Warwick location only because I couldn’t get the other locations to complete the needed paper work.

Implementing a Re-chargeable Gift and Savings Card/Reward Card

  • Cash picked up/dropped off daily
  • Credit Card Daily Batch – Activity Log
  • Gift Cards & Frequent Fresh Books are now – Re-chargeable Cards

Recognize, organize and reconcile the company’s corporate accounts

  • FF Cards represent 30% discount
  • What should corporate discount be?
  • Account set up and billing – logs at every location

Mobile Units – not operational

  • 3 Mobile Vans Units, but no one to operate them

Payroll – This was a very serious problem because it created an atmosphere of distrust because the employees never knew if they were going to get paid on time (let me explain).

The owner has never taken out a loan or borrowed money to start or establish his business. Which means all expenses including payroll was based on the daily / weekly cash flow (tricky at best).

As a result  not everyone got paid on time and that created a challenge for both me and management, but my job as a Consultant was to report these findings and make suggestions on how to solve these issues so that he could limit if not eliminate discouragement in the ranks.

Note: Pay Managers fist – they open the door – they collect your money – they run your business

Employees need to be paid on payday; they have expenses just like the company does and with over 20 employees setting up his payroll was challenging enough.

Hours of operationBusiness hours of 8am to 8pm were already in place. I suggested seasonal hours but that was not accepted either.

  • Winter hours – busiest time of the year for this business
  • Summer hours – slowest time of the year for this business

Employees – Interesting enough this job is not for everyone, but it is a good money hustle and for me it was the best exercise I have had in over 25 years (and I have a business idea I’m playing with)

Read more

The guys are paid a flat daily fee plus tips – and the tips depending on certain circumstances can be up to $20 a day. If I worked the floor with the guys I would make almost $100 a week in tips and I did work often with them for several reasons [Read More…]

Location Managers Suggested creating positions giving employees a chance opportunity for growth.

Shift Leaderswould allow the business to run two shifts allowing options and reducing burnout     

Floor Personeveryone has to start some place   

Company WebsiteNeeds to be updated

No Local Search ResultsNo Local Search Directories Claimed

  • We feel this is a big mistake and one of the reasons we were hired. The owner uses Groupon to promote his business which is fine if you incorporate your online marketing with your off line marketing. Otherwise you are throwing money away [Read More…]

ReviewsThey can help or hurt your business because people do use them and they do trust them.  The problem here is that by only using Groupon as your online marketing source you subject to reviews good and bad all located in one area for anyone to read and you have no engagement at all.

Social Media Presencethis company had No Presence at all in:

  • Facebook
  • 4 Square
  • Instagram
  • Pinetrest
  • On-line Local Business Listing

Business Contract – Part two

Well this never happened because the owner didn’t want to move forward with our suggestions. As you will read throughout the scope of work we did go above and beyond what was required of us as a company and I did it for several reasons.

I needed a job – I had left my position at Maverick Funding as a Loan Officer to once again pursue my passion. I like Internet Marketing and the challenges it brings because it is always changing and so I have to always stay on top of my game which means continues education [Read More…]

Anyone who knows me knows I can’t stay still…I have to keep moving, keep trying to find a way. I want to find a way to be a better person, a better father, a better boyfriend.

I want to give back (if I can) and I want to make a difference. For some reason right now in my life I think I can do just that. The foundation has been set (hardened over the years) and certain opportunities have been recently placed in front of me. There are still some things I need to care care of and it will have to be done over time and strategically, but I am a much better position to that now than I was a year ago.

If you know me you also know I am a very private person, but if you have made it this far it is safe to say you want to know more [Read More…]

I hope you enjoyed this Case Study – it was a challenge for me because I have never dealt with or interacted with the employees or the customer base in the past. When I go into a business all of my communications has always been directly with the owner or manager.

My interaction helped me grow as a person, but also as a business. I learned a valuable leason about myself and about my business and I am glad I took on the challenge.