Designer Website vs. Lead Gen Websites

I want to talk about your website for a minute because once you have your local listings claimed, corrected and optimized you are going to want to send people to your website…and chances are your website sucks!!

Don’t take that statement too personally because it is not your fault and you didn’t know. This industry – Internet marketing is changing all the time because of the advancements in technology.

Mobile DevicesWebsites today are now being accessed more from mobile devices and #tablets than from desktop computers. I’ll say it again. #Websites today are now being accessed more from #mobile devices and tablets than from desktop computers

That’s right – 60% of internet searches is via a mobile device or tablet and if your website is not Mobile Responsive then you are loosing business.

That’s a pretty bold statement but it’s true. Your typical website looks good – everything is in the right place, very easy on the eye and even your customers have told you that your website looks great. The one problem is that it’s not set up to capture your customer’s information so that you can market to them later and in turn you have lost them forever.

DCS Providence we create Lead Generation Websites that look good. The difference with our site is that it is designed to capture your customer’s information so that you can market to them in the future. You have now created you own in-house marketing list and it cost you next to nothing to administer and run. Owning your own Marketing List allows you to reduce off-line marketing cost.

Check out some of the Web Pages we have created for our different affiliate Partners

Our concentration is on the Local Business and helping that market get more customers by utilizing the internet using Strategic Marketing Techniques and Strategies. We are able to get our clients ranked on the first page of Google even if they don’t have a website.

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Google, Bing, Yahoo Local

As I mentioned before having varied citation sources across the web demonstrates your business as a leading authority in your industry, and search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo consider this when determining local search results.

Local-Internet-Marketing-Pic 4

I see local businesses marketing all wrong sometimes – getting all caught up in reaching a wider audience or market and overlook a growth market right under their noses — their own local prospects. There are hundreds of people in your geographic area who are seeking a product or service you provide.

Now that we have you listed on the three major search engines you should also consider getting your business listed in the local search directories giving you even more exposure.

A Little History of Business Listings

If you remember the old Yellow Pages Phone Book – it had your basic listing already printed in it. Well the online listing is the same principle.

It’s just that now these listings are in digital format rather than print. The publishers of printed listings provided a bare bones listing free of charge to all businesses in a certain geographic area, but they also sold enhanced listings as advertisements to those businesses that wanted increased visibility.

Local-Internet-Marketing-Pic 3

Your listing is already there you just have to go in and claim the listing and I can show you how to utilize one service and get everything you need to dominate your local market with your services.

Watch This Video – On The Current State Of Local Marketing.

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Local Business Optimization & SEO Services

In short you need these services right now if you expect to be in business for any length of time. When you include LBO and SEO Services to your current marketing campaigns you will be able to reduce your marketing budget, stay competitive in the marketplace and you are able to dictate the conversation leaning it towards your social media platforms.             

  • Local search for the correct keyword / keyword phrase will allow you to dominate the first page of Google with content, reviews, video and social awareness.

When our customer’s are looking to purchase their search begins locally and most times it is when they are mobile or on the go with their Cell Phone, IPad or Tablet.

  •  Mobile is the future trend and we can market directly to our customer through their mobile phones.

You want your website to be able to convert each customer to a sale while building a relationship with your audience. You need to have an auto responder and email in place.

Mobile advertising is one of technologies latest frontiers (which we will be covering in detail next year 2015) because with traditional online marketing you will only be able to reach those customers that are on a computer.

With mobile technology and people relying on their wireless devices more and more every day reaching these potential customers is essential for your business in 2015.

With a Mobile App you will get a free mobile website and you will be able to market directly to your customer base…right now as they are on their mobile devices.

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Social Engagement through Social Media with DCS Providence

DCS Providence is a full service Internet Marketing Company offering Mobile, Video, Email and Text Marketing to help Local Businesses stay competitive with these big box stores.

I like this article for several reasons – Read the article here

First – Wal-Mart just embarked on a Nation Marketing & Social Media Campaign and they don’t even have to push the marketing because they are getting a ton of free press just mentioning the contest and the prizes that the contestants can win.

Local Marketing

Second – a picture is worth a thousand words. Are they selling HumanKinds Water for $1.00? That my friend is called a lost leader and Wal-Mart is promoting their in-store contest again this year to help aspiring entrepreneur to be successful with prizes, cash and product placement. Take a page from that notebook.

Third – Wal-Mart (they are very smart about their marketing) is as they said finding new ways to engage with their customers and they are doing this on a social media level, entrepreneur level and on a consumer level. They have everyone engaged in just one of many in-store promotions.

Now when I try to get my potential customers to come up with an attractive offer allowing them to both collect names and emails for future marketing campaigns and stay engaged with their customers most say no and I can’t get mad, but I can be disappointed.

I’m not mad because business owners don’t know what they don’t know and most are willing to learn, but don’t have the time. Disappointed because they do know that what they are doing now to advertise and market their business just doesn’t work anymore.

People are on line – they are not reading a news paper, they are not listening to the radio (they have Pandora) and they are not home watching TV. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker, Foursquare and the list goes on.

Read more about today’s marketing strategies and techniques and how you can implement them into your marketing campaign.

Facebook –

Google+ –

Local Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Market

Last month I wrote about the Mobile Revolution and the role the mobile phone is playing in our society. Mobile Apps are making our phones even smarter allowing us to do our banking, trade stock, record video and instantly upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

Local search along with mobile marketing and social media have consumed our lives and most of our time thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Four Square and Google+.

Fun Facts:

59% access the internet via a mobile device or tablet Mobile Devices

76% take pictures with their phones

34% record video with their phones

And now your customers are uploading these pictures and videos to their social media accounts like Facebook. They’re also sharing this information with other friends on Twitter. This is the  direction your clients are going – this is the direction you should be headed in as well.

After local search the second most popular search engine is YouTube – Google loves video and 86% of online users viewed online video. Do you see the trend?

If cell phones and tablets are used to access the internet 59% of the time then I want my business on the internet. I want those eye balls focused on my products, my services and my business.

DCS Providence can show you how to get listed on over 40 Local Business Directories and we can show you how to stay engaged with your clients to help increase ranking. Local internet marketing and social engagement are very important for your ranking, but when you include local mobile marketing to your email campaign you can dominate your local market. To read more about local directories click here.

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